Draco x reader panic attack

Originally posted by thewalkingdead You stepped forward, your face straight as you made the gesture to volunteer. He did not look too happy about it but he nodded his head anyway. Be ready for tomorrow morning, everyone. He then began walking back to his place, and the gathered crowd began to scatter.

You turned in the opposite direction as Rick, walking toward one of the secluded spots of the wall, where a person could easily climb over without being spotted. Sighing, you began climbing up the ladder that lead to one of the many platforms littered around the wall. Once you arrived on the platform, you took a few shaky breaths as you stared down. Carl could always land this jump, and usually, he ended up helping you after an incident with a sprained ankle.

Closing your eyes as you prepared, you felt your chest tighten. Your vision blurred, and you stumbled backwards a few steps, closer to the area inside the walls. You were out of control. It was only the memories that played in your head, the panic attack taking full control. This place is much safer. This place is the place you call home. This place is the only place you belong to be in. The voice of a male.

You thought about it for a few seconds, debating if you would actually have the ability to register your death if you were dead. Your curiosity got the better of you as you began to claw your way through the emptiness of the dark space, feeling nothing where there should have been something.

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Your eyes fluttered open, wide with panic. You began hyperventilating, unaware of where you were. Finally, your brain relaxed, the touch of your love calming you down. You noticed you were in his arms, and he had not moved from where he first caught your falling body.Here is Part 2 to Not Enough.

Part 1. The next few weeks were dreadful. Everywhere you went, Draco avoided you. He made you forget about everything bad going on in your life, and boy, there was a lot of negativity in your life.

Draco & Hermione - Manacled

Especially in this moment. Are you okay? You nodded, not wanting to talk, and clutched your books closer to your chest resisting the urge to cry. Once you reached the classroom you opened the door abruptly as everyone turned to look at the sound. You made eye contact with Draco as he diverted his gaze away from you and began to converse with his goons.

You kept your head low, letting your hair cover your face to not draw any more attention to you. You quickly walked and silently stood to the side of the class.

You lifted your head and saw the object that everyone was looking towards in the front of the classroom. A large wardrobe, with mirrors on the outside, jolts every now and then with movement inside it.

Your eyes widen in both fear and curiosity. He stood in front of the wardrobe with a big grin on his face. Lupin began to walk around the crowd of students. Dean Thomas, then, raised his hand in excitement. Lupin looked impressed and clapped his hands. The rest of the students joined in. Ten points to Gryffindor for that. Lupin moved to stand next to the wardrobe. Again, with another sudden movement from the wardrobe, he continues, "A very simple charm exists to repel a boggart.

Now, without wands, after me, Riddikulus. You glanced over your shoulder and see that his group of friends agree, nodding their heads.Originally posted by d-r-a-c-om-a-l-f-o-y. The once orderly fashion we had established was immediately destroyed and people were running around everywhere. A shield was put over the school, however, it could only do so much. Eventually, it began slowly deteriorating and no one felt safe anymore. The shield made no noise when it was getting destroyed and if you looked up, you would see it slowly burning off, small parts of it floating down and shriveling.

draco x reader panic attack

Whether or not people were prepared, the war was here. You quickly turned and ran to her side. A man dressed in black had tackled her and was about to do who knows what. With all your strength you pushed him off of her and grabbed her hand, running away. You ran down a random corridor and stopped to catch your breath. Her clothes had tears in them and her knee was badly scraped. Keep reading. Request: I read your Draco Malfoy x Mudblood Reader oneshot and was wondering if you could do a part 2 to it?

I really need something to read before the ACT tomorrow. Love your writing! Part 1. Originally posted by fandomsandstufff. A soft rubbing on your back woke you up from a dreamless sleep as an arm glided across your waist and pulled you close.

Draco leaned forward, lightly nudging his head into the crook of your neck, leaving peppering kisses on your jawline, leading up to your cheek. Stretching, you turned around and met his gaze. Your hands were on his chest and your legs were tangled with his, as both your heads were laying on the pillow, facing each other. You could not believe that this is actually happening right now. In less than 24 hours, Draco was one of the most horrid boys to walk the Earth, and now here you are in his bed… cuddled up with him… in only your underwear and his t-shirt.

Originally posted by daisvridley. Hopefully you like it lol. Sighing to yourself, you were focusing on your studies. You had hoped for a peaceful evening in the Slytherin common room, but the moment you saw that familiar head of blonde hair, you knew your silence was going to be interrupted. Without even looking up from the book you were attempting to read you extended your arm feeling around for your wand.

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Once you felt the piece of wood, you lifted your eyes from your book and gave a him a grin. Lifting your wand and pointing it at him, you spoke. Originally posted by lovershub. Request: can you do draco x slytherin reader? The ballroom was overly elegant, beautifully decorated wallpaper coated the room.

Several chandeliers hung high above the masses of people, intricate patterns were traced on the ceiling, forming drawings that were delicately outlined with shades of gold and silver. Music drifted through the large room, filling the space, allowing the atmosphere to become eccentric, enticing everyone towards the dance floor. The men adorned expensive black suits and slicked back hair, while the women wore fitted, floor length gowns, jewels around their neck, hair perfectly set to frame their youthful faces.

Being best friends from your youth, how could you turn it down. Shaking his head, he turned to you. Originally posted by kuailiang. You have been pregnant for a month.This was bad. This was very bad. Usually when you had a panic attack, you were left alone to deal with it. But your roommate, Fred Weasley, was in the next room over. Everything will be okay. Your breaths became shorter and tears started streaming down your face. I was wondering if you wanted anything from the store.

You tried to speak, but nothing came out. He knocked again, a little louder this time. It kind of scared you.

You tried to calm yourself down. Once he caught sight of you, he froze up. You moved away towards the wall. He moved a little bit closer to you and sat down. He gently put his arm on your shoulder and rubbed there carefully. He sat there for a while, gently rubbing your shoulder as you tried to calm down. Both of you sat there in silence.

draco x reader panic attack

He put his arm around you and pulled you closer a little bit. You sat there hiccuping as he wiped your tears.

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After a while, you started to feel better and your panic attack subsided. Do you need help with anything else? But Fred could see right through you. Do you wanna go watch a movie? Or something? You smiled. Keep reading. Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Reader, Fred, and George live together. Sorry this is so short! Anonymous asked: Hi, is there going to be a part 4 for roommates? Reblog if you think snape is a dick. Like I just spent the whole day watching the trilogy.Aww thanks!

I hope you like this, and I hope it is somewhat realistic. I could already feel my breathing speeding up. I gasped for air and tugged at the hem of my robes to try and stop my hands from shaking.

Tears were welling in my eyes, and I could feel my chest getting tight. I had to get away before I had a full blown panic attack.

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I turned and ran away from her, as fast as I could, but not before a sob burst out of my mouth. I just had too. By the time I reached the Slytherin common room, I could barely breathe. I was trembling so much, and I was sobbing now. I had to get to my room. I could barely murmur the password, and when the door swung open, I found myself face to face with the last person I wanted to see me like this.

Draco Malfoy, my boyfriend. You can get through this. I could feel my hand shaking in his as he led me to his bedroom and sat with me on the bed. I was still gasping for air when he pulled me close and began stroking my hair. I closed my eyes and listened to my ragged breath. I had been having panic attacks for my entire life. Thinking about this only made me feel more like I had no control. I was starting to feel detached from the situation, like I was in a dream.

I guess Draco could sense that it was getting worse, because he pulled me in closer. You can do this. Feel my breathing, okay? Try to breathe with me. It was hard, but the longer Draco held my hand there, the longer Draco held me close, the more I felt myself calm down.

He waited until my breathing was even and I had stopped shaking before he let me go. Then, he turned to me and started to speak.Life seemed to be good for you. Your marks in school were exceptional, you had great friends, and most importantly, you had a boyfriend that you loved with everything in you.

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Draco noticed the way that you began to distance yourself from him before you realized it. You had never meant to jeopardize your relationship with him, but it was hard to prevent as you became a prisoner to your self-destructive thoughts.

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Those girls were vicious, going about their day without caring about who they slashed at with their cruel words and barred teeth. Slowly, you allowed yourself to become like those girls, noticing the way that his eyes burned with a fire you had never seen before as you used your words like a weapon. Your hands shook as you poked and prodded at your flaws that only you could see. When it seemed that you had finally picked yourself apart, you managed to gather up the fragmented pieces of your soul into your arms and make your way to bed.

You would fall into bed, feeling as though there was nothing left of you before drifting off into a deep slumber, allowing the moonlight to mend your soul.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You woke up each morning, feeling your soul that was covered in staples and scars from where it was put back together.

His eyes looked almost green as they reflected the dimming light of the fire. Did someone say something to you? Was it Potter? You had felt off all day, your remarks about other students remained buried within, your ability to focus had become nonexistent. Your words refused to come, however, and you buried your face in your hands. The room was too hot, the air too thickclothes too tight.

Your breathing quickened and you began to gasp for air as you sobbed. It was as if the wall you had built up had come crashing down, leaving you in a panic. His voice shook, and you knew that he was afraid. You also knew that he would never admit to his fear. It still felt as if the room had shrunk and was squeezing you into a ball. You nodded and allowed him to help you stand before he walked you to his room.

You climbed into bed with him, his warm hands softly caressing your body as he tucked you in and brought you close to his chest. A soft kiss was placed to your head and you let out a soft sigh.

Perhaps you would always have insecurities. Perhaps your mended pieces would occasionally come undone. That he was slowly putting you back together without even knowing it. You loved him, you loved him so much, and you knew that pushing him away was pointless. A small smile formed on your face at the noise and you pulled his hand up to your mouth before placing a quick kiss to it.

Thank you so much!! Summary: As you fight to move on from your past, it seems that some parts can never be forgotten.

Otherwise known as a slow deconstruction of your relationship with Bucky Barnes.He didn't know what was happening - all he knew was that Miss Patts had turned off the lights, sending the class into complete darkness. His chest tightened, making it hard to breath; tears filled his eyes, but Harry had been taught not to cry, so he held it in. At least, until Miss Patts asked him if he was okay - than the waterworks began their job, sending Harry into a mess of snot and tears. Miss Patts calmed him down, telling him it was okay.

That they didn't have to watch the movie in the dark. A girl came up to them - blonde, short, and smiling.

insomniac draco

She promised Miss Patts that she would help Harry - her older brother got the "not breathing thing" whenever he was alone, and she - Sarah - had learned how to help him. She wrapped her small arms around Harry, showing him the breathing exercises her brother's therapist had taught them both. And it worked - for a bit, at least. He was washing dishes, humming a nice song he had learned at school under his breath. His family was in the next room over, laughing about something and leaving him to do the chores around the house.

He did so without complaint, but when his uncle's booming laugh echoed in the kitchen, Harry felt his mind go numb. Breathing became hard, so difficult that he couldn't even force them out of his chest. Harry began panicking, telling himself to breath - but it didn't work. He dropped the plate in his hand, alerting his family that something was wrong.

Harry could barely hear them yelling at him over the blood rushing in his head. He didn't feel his uncle kick him all the way to his cupboard, but he did feel the pain in the later hours of the night while they ate dinner without him.

draco x reader panic attack

His breathing slowly became normal, and Harry went on for a while, perfectly fine. Anxiety was a strange thing - it was a small word, but it's definition closed in on you, making it hard to breath. Hard to think, to talk, to cry. Harry never really thought much of them, because he had a panic attack every month. Soon every month became every week, than every day.

draco x reader panic attack

He couldn't help it - the knowledge of what he had been through, of what he had put his friends through, constricted him, forcing out shaky breaths. Hermione, being the observer she was, always asked if he was okay. Always seemed to know what to do whenever he couldn't breath, couldn't talk.

They never told Ron about it - never told anyone, really. It was there own little secret. Harry didn't know how they had got there - one minute, they were running from a stampede of ghosts in the Great Hall, and the next they were locked in a broom closet, the handle disappearing. Harry, despite the darkness, could see Draco glaring at him, grey eyes narrowed as he looked his mortal enemy over.

Harry returned the gaze, trying to scoot as far away from Malfoy as possible. Harry flinched as the booming noise, feeling his chest tighten. His breaths became shaky, hard to get out - Harry felt Malfoy's eyes looked at him, turning from an angry stare to a confused one as Harry leaned against the wall.


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