Emco compact v8 lathe

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From experience in turning From experience in Milling From experience in Automation. Jobs Apprenticeships Internships Application. EMCO History. Learn more.On its introduction, in the late s, the belt-drive mm x mm 4" x 16" Austrian-built Emco Compact 8 caused quite a stir. Built to a strict standard of accuracy - DIN - the lathe featured a self-contained motor-drive system with a built-in reversing switch and proved an immediate hit in Europe and America.

Unfortunately, all was not as rosy as it first seemed for the lathe lacked a tumble-reverse mechanism - so making repeated boring operations and left-hand screwcutting difficult - only 6 changewheels were provided though these were sufficient to provide a fine feed to the carriage and there was no proper backgear, just a speed reduction through a toothed belt to a second pulley assembly. The omission of backgear was a considerable drawback for, with a bottom speed of r.

Some higher-speed versions were also manufactured and fitted with a pulley set that gave a bottom speed r.

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While ideal for smaller work these models, which are very rare, are best avoided for model-engineering purposes. Using a 0. Overloading the clutch by taking too deep a cut resulted in a slipping drive and a warning rattle. Because the Gates belt is tensioned by a spring-loaded jockey pulley, conveniently operated by a large lever protruding from the top of the headstock, there is a temptation to use this mechanism as a clutch.

emco compact v8 lathe

As the belt is already under considerable strain, such use besides being dangerous will wear it out very quickly indeed. With its ground-finished V-ways the bed lacked a gap but was well braced and, judging by the lack of wear seen on numerous used examples, made from a hard grade of cast iron.

The saddle ran on V-ways at front and back and the tailstock on its own V-way and flat. The carriage assembly was typically Emco in design with a relatively short saddle carrying a cross slide with two transverse T slots to mount a degree swivelling top slide with a standard-fit single toolholder.

The T-slot arrangement made it easy to adjust the position of the cutting tool, but denied the operator the chance to use the cross slide as a proper boring table, or to mount other than the very expensive Emco plain vertical milling slide Part No. Some users are of the opinion that the handwheels and zeroing micrometer dials for the compound slide were too small, although the cross slide and the full-circle safety handwheel of the carriage traverse were equipped with easy-to-use, rotating handles.

With the complete set of changewheels to hand 20, 35, 40, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 and 75 metric pitches from 0. The changewheels were carried on a simple, single-slot bracket and the leadscrew, protected by a shear pin through its headstock end changewheel, ran through clasp nuts cast in ZAMAK - though, thankfully, replacements are now in bronze and once again available.

emco compact v8 lathe

As an economy measure, instead of the proper Acme thread usually found on leadscrews, that on the Compact 8 employed an ordinary degree metric type. Cast as a very stiff closed box, the bolt-on headstock carried a 20 mm bore spindle running in two adjustable taper roller races with a drive pulley overhung on its left-hand end. The spindle nose was a safe but inconvenient "Emco special", similar to DINwith three holes on an integral flange with a short taper to locate fittings accurately.

Fitted with a No. However, unfortunately, it was secured to the bed by a nut and bolt that required the services of that famous self-hiding spanner.

As a relatively expensive lathe in comparison with its competitors, the Compact 8 was widely copied by various Taiwanese companies and marketed with the generic number "" and "" or, with some modifications, as the "" - some versions even appearing with a basic screwcutting gearbox. The ML7 R was, in effect a Super 7 but with an ML7 cross and top slide unit and without a clutch and weighed, at kg complete with motor, almost exactly twice as much as the 58 kg Emco.

During the s and s, the original the Compact 8 was also marketed in the United States by Sears as part of their Craftsman range using the Model designation or, equipped with the vertical milling head from the Compact 5, as the The Compact 8 was also widely copied in the Far East with some versions being identical and others modified in a variety of ways - even to the extent of fitting a small screwcutting gearbox that had a very limited range of pitches.

A problem often encountered on these foreign clones is the short life for the narrow, 5 mm drive belt. The belt is tensioned by a lever-operated jockey pulley and, if this mechanism is not as well constructed as the original, will flex so causing the belt to run out of line and fail abruptly. Accessories included the usual 3 and 4-jaw chucks, fixed and travelling steadies, an extra 8 changewheels for screwcutting, a toolpost grinder, metal stand with chip tray and lockable tool cabinet, 4-way toolpost, quick-change toolpost, coolant equipment, a vertical milling slide and machine vice, thread-dial indicator, a nosepiece collet holder for ESX collets, Polyvinyl cover, tailstock chuck and rotating centre - and a variety of turning tools.

Later models were offered with the powered vertical milling and drilling attachment from the Compact 5 lathe.

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The Compact 8 remained available for many years after production ceased in Austria, these being branded as the "Compact 8E" - the E suffix standing for "East", indicating Chinese manufacture. The milling unit is shown with the optional fine-feed attachment the "aluminium box" on the right-hand side of the head.Sure, ad-blocking software does a great job at blocking ads, but it also blocks useful features of our website.

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Emco COMPACT 8 metal lathe repair and replacement parts

Photo Gallery New media New comments. Downloads Latest reviews. Groups Public Events. Log in Register. What's new. New posts. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Emco Compact 8 parts. Thread starter Martini Start date Apr 7, Martini Registered Registered. Joined Apr 7, Messages 7.

I have an Emco Compact 8 lathe, I'm looking for a replacement crossfeed nut. The original was made from a zinc alloy and has crumbled. H-M Platinum Supporter. Joined Dec 20, Messages 6, Keep an eye out for one on ebay.Order by:. Available to:. Electric Motor emco compact 5 cnc. Be sure to add me to your favourites list!

This Lathe It come with a 6mm chuck key and four bolts to mount to the Main Spindle Nose. Locating on the Short Taper. What you see in the pictures is what you will receive if you win this auction.

There are others selling a chuck like this for an Emco Compact 5 Lathe. This unit is new and in the original manufacturers box and corrosion protection paper from Austria and is in extremely great shape since it's been on the shelf for over 15 years.

But it's been found and it's time for this unit to go out the door. Which was founded over 60 years ago, started with the production of conventional lathes. Germany and Italy. What you see in the pictures is what you will receive in this auction. Look for my other discounted items.

Thanks for looking and have a Great Day! Pipe vees, and manyother things to this with t nuts and studs or bolt made for it. Emco compact 5. Which covers many thing you need for the lathe. Book included Total 80 pages.Forum Rules. This website or its third-party tools process personal data e.

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Invalid email. This is required. Login to Your Account. Remember Me? Register Forgot password? What's New? Emco Compact 8 Lathe. Results 1 to 12 of Thread: F. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I acquired this piece from a guy that inherited his dads hobby shop. The man loved nice tools, Snap-On, Mac, etc.

Anyway, the son had no use for the lathe and I thought I might. I was wrong. I just replaced the drive belt and the cord connector. We looked all over for the centers, tooling, etc and found zero. What's it worth???? Guys, What is this Compact 8 worth? It's not doing me any good? Ebay might be a better means of getting the word out??? Craigslist generated zero bites too. Originally Posted by TFPace.

How much does it weigh? Weight Tikka, 'Sorry for taking forever to reply to your question. I weighed this lathe today and she weighs in pounds. This is machine only. Can you repost your ad on CL?

Do you still have this? Or I was stronger than I thought? I just looked in the manual and the weight was listed at 58 Kg. Did you weight include a stand or the milling attachment?We are still opendispatching orders twice each week. If your order is urgent, please contact us to arrange special delivery. English, French, Spanish, Italian and German text. Full explanatory texts with clear diagrams of how to get the best from the lathe and its attachments.

Exploded Parts diagrams of the lathe and every accessory. Includes 6 very useful contemporary Sales and Specification Catalogues including the very first editions in both English and German.

English and German text. Includes a copy of the maker's comprehensive Sales and Specification Catalogue illustrating all the many attachments and accessories.

Emco Unimat PC "Basic" Lathe twin-bar bed without computer control : Very comprehensive, full-size Instruction Book with Parts Manual showing Exploded Assembly Diagrams applies to the mechanical parts of the computer-controlled lathe as well. This manual was also issued with the computer-controlled PC to cover the lathe's mechanical aspects.

emco compact v8 lathe

This is not the same as, or a substitute for, the Manuals listed as A to C. This version is a full Data Pack covers all models, explains the differences between the generations of the machine and is the full-sized and hard-to-find version. Includes a copy of the maker's Sales and Specification catalogue detailing the specification and showing all the accessories.

Also covers various copies by Taiwanese makers branded "", "Honden", Vulcan and Craftsmanetc. This collection of literature represents a complete data pack for the lathe. Available in English, French or German. In English or German. English, German and French Text.

Emco Compact 5 Part 1

Includes a copy of the maker's detailed and well illustrated page Sales and Specification catalogue giving the complete specification and showing all the accessories.

Covers the power cross feed model and includes three editions of the maker's Sales and Specification Catalogue detailing the specification and showing all the accessories.

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Includes Parts Illustrations for the 4-speed milling head. Manual for the Emco 4-speed Vertical Milling and Drilling Head as fitted to various Emco lathes and as a stand-alone milling machine.

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This manual covers only the head and rotary table with indexing tables and not the table. Includes comprehensive details of the screwcutting arrangemts for metric and inch pitches and copies of all the screwcutting charts - imperial, metric and conversion - and a copy of the now rare maker's Sales and Specification catalogue.

This Manual is also available with German text.

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In English, German and French. Emco Maximat Super 11 and 11CD Lathe : Operator's Instruction Manual including electrical connection diagrams, copies of the sometimes damaged or unclear screwcutting charts.

Emco Super 11 Lathe. Emco Maximat V13 Lathe: Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual including several electrical diagrams covering all the different versions and full metric and English Screwcutting and feeds charts. The small electrical and screwcutting charts have been enlarged and printed on separate pages Includes two copies 26 pages of the maker's detailed Sales, Specification and Accessories Catalogues detailing the specification and showing all the accessories.

Includes details of both the later 6-speed and earlier 4-speed versions together with a factory issue page "Electrical System" bulletin for the late FB2. Includes 2 full editions, early and late.

Instruction Manual and Parts Manual as exploded component pictures. Instruction Manual and Parts as exploded component pictures. German Text. This is a massive publication. Includes a copy of the maker's Sales and Specification and Accessories Catalogue.Emco Maximat V10P with power cross feed and the maker's 4-speed vertical milling head After a reasonable start with their early Maximat lathes, the Mk.

Although the 7 and 8 sold in good numbers, the most popular versions, judging by the numbers on the used market, were the V10 and V10P, lathes similar in capacity to the belt-drive Boxford. However, all variants of the range types, from smallest to largest, were of a very similar design and shared a number of parts and accessories including an identical all-geared headstock mounted on raiser blocks that varied in thickness according to the centre height of the particular model.

emco compact v8 lathe

One significant difference was that, while the "7" had a flat-topped bed, the V8, 8. For their size, all types had decently deep beds though with rather skimpy diagonal bracing and with the ways ground finished. Although Type Designations remained consistent across the world, for some areas an educational and training version, the "Mentor", was added - these were mechanically identical to the standard machines, but mounted on a braced sheet-metal stand similar in construction to the standard unit with its locking tool cupboard but equipped with special safety switchgear.

While variations may have occurred - it is believed, for example, that some UK-market 7s were fitted with 1-speed motors - the official specification was for all machines to be fitted with a two-speed motor - either 1 or 3-phase - and with the non-too-reliable push-button switchgear mounted neatly on top the headstock.

Switch problems can be exacerbated by the loss or degradation of the perforated foam insert that blocks the ingress of moisture, swarf and cutting fluid, If the switches start to malfunction, open up the unit, wash out the inside with an electrical cleaning fluid and lightly abrade the electrical contacts.

Make up a new foam diaphragm, lubricate the mechanical lock-out system that prevents simultaneous engagements and you will prolong the switch gear life. The 8 spindle speeds for the 7 and 8 spanned 65 to r. Initial drive on all models was by a long-lived toothed drive belt.

With all versions of the 7 and 8 restricted to screwcutting by changewheels a standard set containing: 25t, 30t, 40t, 50t, 55t, 60t, 65t and 70t gearsthe V10 was the only model offered with the option of a screwcutting gearbox.

Strangely, while many makers produced versions of their lathes with the carriage traverse handle transposed to the left-hand side of the apron for the American market, Emco apparently reversed this procedure with the publicity material showing European-market machines with the handwheel on the left with those destined for America having it on the right.

How-to Manuals & Books

All V10Ps appear to have left the factory fitted as standard with a metric-specification, Norton-type quick-change screwcutting gearbox able to generate 24 pitches from 0.

However, for the British and American market machines, the lathe was offered with an English screwcutting-conversion set in place and the gearbox threading plate listing only English-pitches from 4 to t. The box was provided with a sliding gear to select either fine or screwcutting feeds, with the knurled change-over knob, on the end of the sliding gear, allowed to protrude through the gear-guard cover - a long-established design idea dating back to the original design of the late s.

Sliding feed rates varied from 0. The changewheels drove through a tumble-reverse mechanism fitted with a plastic output gear that, while entirely adequate for normal use, could not stand like the alloy casting of the early-version tumble-reverse arm heavy-handed operation.

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Continued below:. Two very useful feature of this lathe were the excellent spread of speeds to r. No screwcutting gearbox was offered and the standard changewheel set consisted of 9 gears which could cut metric threads from 0.


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